Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 10, 2017

unSeminary Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to meet Rich Birch, not in person but via Skype. Rich is a young man with an extensive ministry and entrepreneurial business background. He is also the author of Unreasonable Churches: 10 Churches Who Zagged When Others Zigged and Saw More Impact Because of It — an Amazon bestseller in the Church Leadership category. This book is designed to help church leaders think creatively and take risks in order to impact their communities.
As if he does not have enough on his plate, Rich also hosts the unSeminary podcast — dedicated to “stuff you wish they taught in seminary.” Over the years I have especially relished opportunities to learn from people in the field, men and women who were doing some thought-provoking things to advance kingdom interests in their respective slices of geography. Rich has harnessed the power of the internet to do that very thing — to host a place where creative kingdom ideas can be exchanged.

A couple of months ago the unSeminary folks contacted me about sharing the story of Kingsland missions on a podcast. Lucky me, or better yet lucky you, the Skype video malfunctioned and only the audio portion of my interview was captured thus allowing you a more pleasant listening experience! But seriously, I am grateful for Rich and his team for their ministry and offer the link to our interview here. Thank you, Kingsland, for going beyond and embracing our community and the nations.

Omar Garcia on Transforming an Inward Church to an Outward Church

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