Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 28, 2017

Hope for the Captives

In January 2009, Kingsland moved toward the front lines of the fight against human trafficking — and we have not looked back. In recent years, the church at large has rediscovered justice, one of the forgotten passions of God. Even a cursory reading of the Scriptures will reveal God’s concern for the oppressed and those who are abused by the powerful. Sadly, the church has not always engaged in this fight.

For the past several years, we have mobilized the women of Kingsland to work with our justice partners in West Bengal, India. Kolkata, the epicenter of Mother Teresa’s work, is home to several initiatives that champion the cause of the oppressed and those who are trapped in a living hell as a result of human trafficking. We have come alongside these partners who are storming the gates of hell to rescue and care for the perishing.

Our missions ministry invests multiplied thousands of dollars and volunteer hours in local and international initiatives to champion the rights of the oppressed. This month, we have produced a special newsletter to specifically update you on our justice work in Kolkata and New Delhi. We are grateful for the generosity of the Kingsland family. Your gifts and prayers enable us to engage in and support our partners in their strategic work.

Only heaven will reveal the full impact of our investment and involvement in the battle against those who traffic in human lives and consequently ruin and destroy the lives of those who are weak and vulnerable. Watch for your copy of our latest newsletter to arrive in your mailbox or pick up a copy the next time you attend worship. Please read it from cover to cover and then pray for our partners, those for whom they care, and for our justice ministry teams.

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