Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 11, 2017

Palm Sunday Bombings

ISIS is at it again — promoting their destructive agenda without regard for the sanctity of human life. This time, bombing two Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, leaving more than 40 dead and more than 100 injured. The whole world recognizes that death is the unmistakable signature of this radical Islamic group.

How can ISIS dish out such wanton violence that results in the deaths of unsuspecting men, women, and children? They can do so because they anchor their behavior deep in the teachings of the Qu’ran concerning infidels. They have, in fact, vowed to step up attacks against Christians, the infidels they believe are empowering the West against Muslims.

This is not surprising. There is a troubling consistency whenever we match the actions of radical Muslims with their beliefs — destruction and death always follow. Muslims must ultimately come to terms with the most disturbing and dangerous element of their worldview, something at the root of their theology: the sanction to kill infidels or those who are not of like faith and practice.

The Islamic State is doing a pretty good job without the West of getting the whole world to question the teachings of Islam. If they want to attract people to consider the worth of their worldview, violence is certainly not going to work in their favor. In the words of the old proverb, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

While ISIS continues to send out its minions of murder and mayhem, Christ followers continue to show up wherever people are hurting — demonstrating selfless service that meets practical needs. That’s because radicalism looks much different among Christ-followers. A Christian who radically lives out the teachings of Christ lives as Christ lived.

The distinction between world views could not be more pronounced. I am thankful that Jesus never called His followers to hate or to murder others who believe differently. Instead, He calls us to compassionate acts of service, to sacrificial acts of love, and to the affirmation of life, even the lives of those who are not Christ-followers.

My heart hurts for our dear Coptic friends in Egypt. It also continues to ache for the many Syrian Muslim refugees, who themselves are the victims of Muslim violence, that we help every year. And my heart remains heavy for the many Iraqi Christians I have met in the Middle East who have been displaced from their homes because of ISIS. What a mess ISIS has created.

As we approach Easter, may we be reminded of the power of the gospel to transform lives and to fill them with a resolve to love as Jesus did. ISIS will continue its efforts to usher in darkness and death. But the Scriptures are clear that the darkness will never overwhelm the light. The love of Christ will ultimately prevail.


  1. Thank you so much Omar. I was listening to a sermon from Chuck Swindall a while ago and he spoke of a debate he had with a Muslim. Not a lot of truth was excepted by the Muslim. At the end, Mr. Swindall left him with this comment with which he had no return volley.

    “Your God commands you to shed innocent blood for you to see his face. My God shed His innocent blood so that I might see His Face.”

    In His Amazing Grace,
    David Sass


    • Beautiful quote, David, and absolutely true. Thanks so much for sharing.

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