Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 24, 2017

Because She Served

I absolutely love what I do. I am fortunate because when I wake up in the morning I do so excited about the day and what it holds. My days are dynamic, offer plenty of challenges and more than a few surprises, and are meaningful. Working with our global partners and leading the people of Kingsland to go beyond is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

Because our work is so extensive, I live every day with concern for the welfare of our community, our partners, and the people groups with which we are engaged. I care deeply about our work around the world and pray without ceasing for every partnership and engagement. And I live with watchful diligence to guard against the schemes of the evil one who seeks to frustrate the purposes of God.

Last year, our missions ministry mobilized upwards of 4,300 volunteers to serve locally, domestically, and internationally. That’s not an easy task and one requires a lot of attention to detail. And I do mean lot of detail — from buying the right box of screws for a project to help a widow to booking flights and planning ground itineraries for teams traveling to far-flung places.

I have been fortunate for the past ten-plus years to have the capable help of my assistant, Amy Granger. There is no way that our missions ministry could have grown and flourished as it has without her help. She has worked cheerfully and tirelessly behind the scenes to manage a mountain of details that make things run smoothly.

In addition to helping manage so many weekly assignments, Amy has served as our point person for benevolence. She has a tender and discerning heart. I have listened to her weep with people in need and also sniff out and confront scammers. Over the years she has built meaningful relationships with countless families, widows, single moms, and other people in need.

More than once I leaned on Amy to help with special assignments that added a truckload of work to her already busy schedule — everything from Operation Christmas Child, organizing Thanksgiving baskets for families in need throughout our community, taking over our Just Run for a Just Cause, and a few more things. She never complained and relished the opportunity to serve others through these various special initiatives and events.

And now, I must say goodbye. Amy and her family are moving to East Texas at the end of the month. Although this news hit me like a ton of bricks, I rejoice in how God is blessing Amy and her family through this move. It will give her the opportunity to be a full-time mom to their precious little daughter Elizabeth. Baby girl, as we often call her, first came into their home as a foster child. And when God opened the door, Amy and Daren eagerly gave Elizabeth a forever home.

Amy’s final task has been to pass the baton to Mary Whittington who will serve as my new assistant. Mary is a champion for the sanctity of human life and has traveled extensively with our missions ministry. I am happy to welcome Mary and know that God will use her in amazing ways as we continue our work around the globe. I will remain forever grateful to Amy for her friendship and her partnership in the gospel. Our missions ministry is better because she served.


  1. Well said, Omar. I also will miss Amy! May God bless Amy in her new home.

  2. Amy, you will be missed! Thank you for all you have done at KBC and especially with missions. Enjoy the time with Elizabeth, bc time flies!

  3. I want say”Thank You” Amy Granger. She done so much for me! God give you Reward, my Sister in Christ!

  4. Amy thank you for all you have done for those so far beyond your borders. May our Lord richly bless the time with your daughter and return to you 100fold what you have given.

  5. It has been a privilege to serve the people
    Kingsland and our partners, locale and international, for the past ten years!
    I have learned so many things and have
    been given opportunities that I would
    never have been given had I not worked
    for you, Omar. I am forever grateful.

  6. This is a great testimony about a deserving person. Amen

  7. I’ll never forget when Amy went with us on the first senior youth trip to Kolkata in 2010. It was truly a blessing that Nathan and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

    I especially remember our evening prayers when we gathered together to share our the daily praises and lift our petitions to the almighty.

    Every night while we were sharing and praying about the adventures of the day we would begin to hear the evening call to prayer to the children of Islam from various towers throughout Kolkata on very loud speaker systems.

    I remember one night, in particular, when we were starting our evening prayer and you could hear the eerie sounds of the evening call to prayer, just like every other night while we were there. But this night was different. On this particular night, we all had a sense that God was doing something special. God had revealed Himself in a very special way to our student during the course of the day.

    The entire day was very surreal, the students witnessed healing and saw many led to Christ. You could really feel the presence of the Holy Spirt in the group. Coincidentally as we began to pray on this special night a thunderstorm rolled through town and disrupted power, silencing the loudspeakers used for the call to prayer and darkening the surrounding neighborhood, allowing our group to continue our prayer uninterrupted.

    When we finished our prayers for the night, I had a sense of awe and wonder. The silence and the serenity of an evening well spent with my young brothers and sisters in Christ, celebrating God’s richness was mind numbing. God winked at us that night.

    Amy, I know you went on other tips and help Omar serve our lord time and again. You have a very special gift, especilaly putting up with me over the years.

    From the depth of our hearts, we will miss you, but I’m sure God has geat plans for you wherever he leads.


    • Great memories. Kind words. Thanks, James. That truly was a special trip.

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