Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 1, 2016

Worth the Inconvenience

For years I have challenged myself and others to go beyond — to step across the line that defines the farthest we’ve ever been and the most we’ve ever done for God and His purposes. The only way to redefine the geography of our own lives and to contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom is by going beyond.

One thing is certain, everything changes when you step across the line. Going beyond is fraught with all sorts of new challenges and frustrating inconveniences. In reality, however, the kingdom of God only advances at our inconvenience, never at our convenience. God never promised a smooth path to those who venture to the other side of the line.

Every major discovery in the history of the world has been made by those who were willing to take risks and embrace inconveniences. Over the centuries, the map of the world was slowly redefined by those who lost sight of familiar shores in order to move toward uncharted lands. Their commitment to the bigger picture enabled them to press on in spite of inconveniences.

Venturing into a new context heightens our senses and causes us to think intentionally about how to adapt to strange surroundings. For example, a short-term volunteer or a career missionary who find themselves in the midst of a new culture should not expect that culture to adapt to their sensibilities. They must, instead, take on the role of a servant and adapt to their new surroundings, submitting their own needs to the needs of the lost.

Going beyond for the kingdom means that we must make the needs of the lost our primary focus. In his book “The Insanity of Obedience,” author Nik Ripkin wisely notes: “The need for the lost to hear the good news always exceeds the needs of the witnesser.” I agree. Unless we make decisions based upon what lost people need instead of what saved people want we will fail to reach our generation with the good news.

Only heaven will reveal the unimaginable numbers of people who never heard a clear presentation of the gospel because of our failure to cross the line — because of our unwillingness to be inconvenienced. Life’s greatest adventures are always found on the other side of the line. What a phenomenal privilege it is to go beyond in order to participate in advancing the purposes of God. That is worth any inconvenience!

Cambodia 2016 Team
Please pray for our Cambodia team as they serve the needs of the least of these and sow seeds of life in Cambodia’s former killing fields. Our team will post pics and updates on our new Go Beyond Cambodia blog.


  1. Thanks, “O” for the reminder!

  2. I love this Omar

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