Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 1, 2014

Eager to Serve

A key component of our missions ministry is to fulfill that part of our church’s purpose statement that says we will equip the next generation, one home at a time. Over the past several years, Kingsland kids have exemplified what it means to Go Beyond — to do more than they thought possible in order to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year, hundreds of Kingsland kids participate in local missions service initiatives.

Manna House New Ground ABF 2This morning, a group of parents and kids from Kingsland’s New Ground Adult Bible Fellowship met at the Manna House in Brookshire. Since 1997, the Manna House has provided a Christ-centered recovery and restoration program to more than 600 men with drug and/or alcohol addictions. I have met many of the men at Manna House over the years and developed deep respect for this much-needed ministry in our community.

Manna House New Ground ABF 3
Manna House New Ground ABFThe best thing about this morning was that several parents made special memories of serving with their kids. These parents did more than talk about serving others, they modeled it. The kids, even the youngest, demonstrated an eagerness to serve as they planted flowers in several places on the Manna House campus. They also spread mulch and some cow manure, a reminder that sometimes you have to put up with some unpleasant stuff as you serve others.

IMG_4733Our student ministry’s new Community Impact Team also joined the fun at the Manna House. Every student showed up eager to serve. These students painted one of the buildings on the campus and also spread five-yards of crushed granite around the outdoor baptism area. I enjoyed listening to their laughter and conversations as they served shoulder to shoulder. And I love that these students also modeled for the younger children what it means to serve.

We want to help parents to equip a generation of kids who understand the importance of not merely looking out for their own personal interests, but for the interests of others as well. That’s why we are committed to providing opportunities throughout the year for parents and kids to leave the comforts of their homes to do something kind for others. In our selfie-oriented culture, it’s even more important than ever that we lead our kids to regard and serve others. Service is a good antidote to the kind of selfishness that blinds people to the needs of others.

Special thanks to New Ground ABF and to our student ministry’s Community Impact Team. Thanks for your eagerness to serve and for your good work at the Manna House.


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