Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 16, 2014

Look, Daddy!

A very important component of our missions ministry is to fulfill our church’s purpose statement of “equipping the next generation, one home at a time.” We are intentional about providing opportunities for even the youngest among us to use their little hands to serve others. We want to help equip a generation of kids who love God and love people — who understand the importance of not merely looking out for their own personal interests, but for the interests of others as well.

Heather & Ben Parnell
This morning, the Joshua House Adult Bible Fellowship met at the new campus of Bethel Bible Fellowship, our third daughter church, to do a lot of painting and landscaping. I love these opportunities to lead parents and their kids to serve others. The Parnell family showed up with all of their kids, including little Ben hitched to his mother’s back and sporting his cool sunglasses. As I painted near the Parnell family, I overheard their daughter Emma saying, “Look, Daddy! I am doing what you’re doing.” Jeff explained to his daughter Emma that what they were doing was volunteering to help others. Great teachable moment.

Joshua House Girls
I never tire of seeing our Kingsland kids and students participate in our weekly Saturday morning service initiatives. These initiatives are designed to help families make special memories together while serving others. More than one parent commented on how much they enjoy serving with their kids. These Saturday service initiatives give moms and dads the opportunity to lead by example. And, I am always encouraged to see kids who don’t mind spending time serving with their parents and who are not afraid to get dirty.

This past week, Chris Kincaid and Lindsay Crisanti, two of our student ministry staffers, led a team of Kingsland students to do a Vacation Bible School at Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church in Houston’s Fourth Ward. So many of the students who participated in leading the VBS already have a history of service with this community. Most have a long personal track record of participating in Saturday and summer service initiatives. Amanda Caffey first ventured to the Fourth Ward years ago with her fellow 6th grade friends at the time. What a blessing to see her back in the Fourth Ward, loving and caring for kids.

I am glad that Kingsland is a missional community — that we are concerned about what we can do to impact the world for the cause of Christ. We don’t just consume Bible calories, we burn off those calories by loving and serving others in practical ways. By encouraging even the youngest among us to serve, we are raising a generation of kids who will develop what Martin Luther King Jr. called “a dangerous unselfishness.” This is the kind of unselfishness that God can use to change the world. That’s why we must lead our kids by example so that they will one day say, “Look, Daddy! I am doing what you are doing.”

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