Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 20, 2014

A Plate of Brownies

Preparing to hike the Lone Star Hiking Trail

Finally, first day of vacation — an important day because this is the day we set aside to cache water along the Lone Star Hiking Trail. We have identified three segments along the way where we will not have access to potable water. Other hikers have cautioned us about certain ponds and streams in these areas that may be tainted by agricultural run-off containing harmful chemicals. So, even though we will carry filtering devices, we decided to err on the side of caution and cache water to get us through these particular segments.

DL Caching Water
Caching Water
While bouncing down one of the forest service roads, we met an older man who was hiking along the road. A former train engineer, he is now retired and lives near the national forest. We spent a while talking and discovered that he too is a Christ-follower. His faith helped him to get through some recent tough times of long hospitalizations and the death of his mother. He now lives alone and was so grateful that we took so much time to chat with him.

Forest Road
After caching water in two of three locations, we made our way along Highway 150 toward Coldspring, Texas where we stopped for lunch at Nanny’s Cafe. What a great place to eat. The home-cooking was absolutely delicious! But what was even more nourishing was the courtesy of the folks there. The maps on our table led to a conversation about our hike and where we would camp when passing through the area. When we told them where and on what day, the owner said, “Well, don’t be surprised if we show up with a plate of brownies for you.”

Nanny's Diner
Regardless of whether we connect on the brownies, I can’t begin to express what it meant to hear those words. And as much as I like brownies, I have been a bit more starved for kindness and encouragement these days. What a blessing it was to meet the folks at Nanny’s and to experience the soothing balm of their kindness and courtesy. They also offered to resupply us with water. How absolutely nice. I was so impressed by my experience there that I am determined to return again in the future.

We plan to leave Bill’s house at six in the morning and make our way to Trailhead Number One where we will take our first steps on the Lone Star Hiking Trail. The forecast for the week looks pretty good even though we may encounter some scattered showers along the way. I can hardly wait to get started. We welcome your prayers for us as we take our long walk through the woods.

As I shared in yesterday’s post, my daughter Niki will post some updates on the Lone Star Pastors Facebook page and I will try to upload a few pics to my Instagram account at #omarcgarcia. And I will post a report and lots of pics on my blog after we get back to civilization. Thanks for following our adventure.


  1. Praying for a safe and successful adventure for our Lone Star Pastors.
    Happy Trails, to you….( I’m sure you know the tune!)
    C. Thompson

    • Thanks a million, Cathy. Definitely appreciate your prayers. Love the Happy Trails song from my Roy Rogers fan days as a kid.

  2. Good luck! What a great adventure.

    • Thanks. I am excited about your new adventure as well. Looking forward to keeping up with you thru your blog posts.

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