Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 8, 2013

Hope Center Dedication

Poipet, Cambodia

What started as a dream is now a reality — The Hope Center. Long ago, in His providence, God set apart a three-hectare piece of property located along the Cambodia‑Thai border for His purposes. He also touched the heart of a young man named Steve Hyde and set Him apart to serve His purposes. Through His providential guidance, God eventually brought together the land and the man who would advance the interests of His kingdom in a tough place.

HC Crowd
This afternoon, several hundred people from throughout Cambodia and several nations met in Poipet for the dedication of The Hope Center. Although there are still a few things that need to be finished in the coming weeks, this facility is magnificent. The Hope Center was designed and built to last beyond one generation because the problems faced by the poor will not be solved in one generation.

HC Dancers
The excitement this afternoon was palpable and the dedication ceremony was inspiring. Some of the younger girls from the Imparting Smiles Children’s Center choreographed and presented a beautiful Cambodian dance. And, instead of a PowerPoint presentation on the work of the children’s center, Steve and his wife Noit presented little Pearl to those in attendance. They shared the moving story of how this baby girl was found, rescued, and brought to the center. Pearl now has a future and a hope.

HC Govenor & Steve
I was especially moved by the words of the former governor of Bantey Meanchey province. This Buddhist gentleman is a man of peace and a dear friend of Steve Hyde. He has opened doors for Steve and made it possible for him to help children and the poor in this region. He cares deeply about the welfare of his people and has personally invested much of his own wealth in the establishment of the university in the province.

HC Steve Noit Peral
I was privileged to offer a dedicatory prayer along with Pastor Cheng, Steve’s longtime friend and mentor. We prayed that this parcel of land will always be set apart for the purposes of God and will always be regarded as holy ground. What will take place at this location and what will happen in Cambodia as servants go out from this location can transform the nation and have a continuing impact beyond our generation.

HC Program
In the coming weeks, all of the final touches will be completed, the staff will be hired, and the work will begin. Later in the coming year, Steve will start the next phase of construction on The Hope Center campus — a school for the poor children of the area. Our missions ministry has been blessed by the generosity of Kingsland families who believe in the work of Steve and the vision of The Hope Center. So, as soon as Steve and Noit get a little rest, the next phase will begin. Please pray as Steve continues the work of interviewing and hiring the Christian staff that will serve the women and children of Cambodia through The Hope Center.

HC Dedication Team


  1. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see it and hear what it will do for that community.

    • You must come again to Cambodia to see the kids and The Hope Center.

  2. Glory to God!

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