Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 24, 2013

Our Muddy Feet

The Sundarbans | Bay of Bengal | 22 July 2013

Reaching the people who live at the other end of the Great Commission can sometimes be challenging — especially when it comes to travel. That’s why those who venture to distant fields must be willing to deal with inconveniences and overcome obstacles in order to reach those who have yet to hear the good news about the kingdom of God. Anything less will mean missed opportunities.

Jungal Queen
Today, our students learned just how tough it can be to reach those who live on the ragged edges. It was a planes, trains, and automobiles kind of day. After breakfast we divided into three teams and boarded boats that transported us to our assigned islands. Each of our teams traveled two or more hours to reach their respective destinations. The heat, humidity, and frequent cloudbursts made our treks all the more challenging but did not wither our resolve.

DL Tract Distribution
Our assignment was to distribute gospel tracts in specific areas where our partners are working. Our Kingsland guys did not hesitate to interact with those they met in the market places and in outlying areas. They traveled by boat, on foot, and by motorized-rickshaws to reach more distant areas. I lost track of the number of rain showers we had today. The rain was no deterrent, especially for our teenage guys. It only added to the sense of adventure.

DL Tracts in School
We also had invitations to speak at schools on the islands and to distribute gospel tracts to the entire student body at each school. The children in the classrooms were so excited to have foreigners as guests and listened to every word we shared. Afterwards, school officials extended an invitation for us to return and speak to the students at any time. Our partners here are prepared to do that very thing.

Omar Mud
We concluded the day by traveling to a fourth island to show the Jesus Film. With the tide out, we had to wade through thick, sticky mud in order to get to the island. Once again, no problem for our Kingsland guys. They embraced the challenge and jumped into the thick of it all. Once on the island, our hosts showed us where we could wash our feet.

Our Dirty Feet
Looking at our muddy feet reminded me of one of my favorite Bible verses — “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” (Isa. 52:7 and Rom. 10:15). Heat, humidity, rain showers, long boat rides, and muddy feet are a small price to pay for the opportunity to tell others the best news on the planet. And it was worth dealing with all of these things in order to see a packed house watch the Jesus Film and hear His story for the first time.

DL Tract Distribution 3
At the end of the day, we waded back to the boat through high tide — tired but thankful for the opportunity to serve God’s purposes at the ends of the earth. Tomorrow we will head back to Kolkata but stop along the way to talk to the children of brick makers. Thanks for following our journey. Please read Kay Smith’s updates on our girls at our Go Beyond Kolkata blog. And please take a moment to visit my Instagram account @omarcgarcia to see more photos of our great adventure at the ends of the earth.

PS | Please visit our Go Beyond Tanzania blog to read the latest on our team serving in the African bush.



  1. Give them all hugs for us. We love these kids so much!

    • Will do, Pam. Thanks for following our adventure.

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