Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | October 29, 2012

On The Right Path

One of the things I enjoy most about serving at Kingsland is working alongside our members to bless the people of our community. Every year, our missions ministry mobilizes more than 3,000 volunteers to serve from Katy to the ends of the earth. This week, we have teams serving in Indonesia and Bangladesh as well as in our own community. This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to work alongside two-dozen Kingsland students and adults on one of our local initiatives at Iglesia Sobre La Roca (Church on the Rock), the largest Hispanic church in Katy. It has long been a dream of my friend Pastor Jorge Cardenas to build a prayer path and garden area on the back side of their property — a place where church members and the people of the surrounding neighborhoods can walk or just sit and enjoy some quiet time. So, we are working to turn that dream into a reality this Fall.

On Saturday, our team wasted no time in getting to work. Our volunteers fired up their mowers and weed-eaters, picked up post-hole diggers and shovels, filled wheelbarrows with crushed granite, and started bringing definition to the prayer path. Our students reminded me throughout the morning that they were glad for the opportunity to get a blister. And, many did get blisters! This initiative also provided some good teachable moments to discuss why we need to work alongside other churches in our community in order to bring glory to God. As I watched the first segment of the prayer path taking shape I could not help but give thanks that our church is on the right path. The people of Kingsland continue to faithfully pray, selflessly give, and tirelessly serve the people of our community. We are doing more than consuming Bible calories, we are providing opportunities for folks to burn off those calories in ways that are practical and meaningful. Thanks to all who have already invested time in our newest local initiative and who are scheduled to help us complete this project in the coming weeks.

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