Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 30, 2012

I Still Miss My Mother

Today is the third anniversary of my mother’s death. Although there is not a day that goes by without something that causes me to think about my beautiful mother, the anniversary of her death holds my thoughts captive to her memory throughout the day. I am especially grateful to have gleaned deeper insight into my mother’s life by asking my Dad lots of questions about her on our recent road trip. His answers gave me greater appreciation for the way in which my mother lived and loved. Each story he shared filled in a little more detail and brought greater depth and clarity to my understanding about her. Dad’s stories helped me to connect a lot of dots by tracing character traits that I admired in Mom as far back as her childhood. I can now look farther to the past and see, for example, the evidence of her compassionate concern for others. What I saw in my mother as a kid had roots that went far deeper than I ever imagined.

Of all the things I am grateful for about my Mom and Dad, the most significant is how much they loved each other. From the time they started dating, my parents knew they were meant to be together. One of my favorite photos is of my Dad sitting in his barracks in Germany holding a photo of his fiancé and showing it to a buddy. Mom and Dad exchanged lots of letters and telegrams during those years that bear testimony to their love. I especially like a Valentine’s Day telegram that they kept framed in their bedroom. I don’t think parents realize how little things like that can influence their children and add to their sense of security. Although I did not realize it as much when I was growing up, I now understand how blessed I was to grow up in a home with parents who were madly in love with each other. In my estimation, loving each other is the greatest gift that my parents gave our family while growing up.

Yesterday evening I received word that one of my mother’s two surviving brothers passed away. In her final years of life my mother had cared for him, a task that my youngest sister Laura assumed after Mom’s death. Knowing that our uncle was nearing the end of his life, Laura met with the director of the veteran’s home where my uncle lived to begin discussions about funeral arrangements. The director told her that there was nothing to plan because my mother had already taken care of every detail before her death. Everything was already planned and paid for. It’s things like this that continue to cause me to give thanks to God for my beautiful mother. She is no longer with us but her influence remains. Although I still miss my mother very much on this third anniversary of her death, I remain grateful for the gifts she gave me and my siblings while she was alive that continue to bless and comfort and encourage us.


  1. And the same legacy you are leaving for Niki, Jonathan, and Gina~
    Blessings dear friend,

  2. Prayers…

  3. My Dad and Mom advised Lee and me when we were expecting our first child “that the best parent you can be is to be a good spouse to your spouse…loving them, caring for them, encouraging them, honoring them, faithfully serving our Lord and one another….” My folks, as well as my Mom’s parents, have lived out the legacy you speak of…I grasp and hold tight to the wonderful gift the Lord has been given me with such examples to emulate and to seize the moments I have left with them. As you are comforted by our Lord with the memories, what precious gifts that keep giving generationally for those that follow….Comfort and assurances for generations to come! He is immeasurable in His mercies and kindness.
    I miss you, my friend! Have been praying for you….Vicki

    • Thanks for sharing the great advice from your parents and also about the examples set by them and your grandparents, Vicki. You are indeed blessed by the gift of their counsel and example. Thanks also for your prayers. I love and appreciate you and your family.

  4. Omar,
    I remember when you posted re: the death of your mother, and I also remember speaking with you during the time you were at her bedside in the hospital.

    Words are never sufficient for loss, but know that I will say a special prayer for you today.


    • I also remember our conversation, Tammy. Thanks for your friendship and for your prayers today.

  5. Omar, this is a beautiful and inspiring testimony of your parents and your family. Oh how fortunate you were to have this in your family. So many never experience this. Blessings to you on this special day.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Shoby. Blessings to you.

  6. A simply beautiful tribute to your mom.
    The apple didn’t fall far from that Godly fruit-bearing tree.
    Love ya bro,

    • Thanks for your kind words and friendship, Dominic. Love and appreciate you.

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