Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 15, 2011

Eager to Help

Smoke from wildfire at George Bush Park.

Every day for the past few weeks we have heard news reports about wildfires in Texas. The drought conditions have created a perfect environment for even the smallest spark to ignite a raging fire, thus prompting communities throughout the State to enforce burn bans. On Tuesday afternoon, I walked outside my office at the church only to see giant billowing plumes of smoke from another wildfire — this time at George Bush Park located just a few miles away. I watched developments with great interest because several of our church members live within close proximity to the park. Thankfully, local firefighters have contained this blaze.

Last week our missions ministry made an appeal for funds to assist the victims of the wildfires in Bastrop, Texas. Thousands, including three families that I personally know, have been displaced by the fires because their homes burned. I am happy to report that the people of Kingsland responded in a timely and generous way by contributing a total of $27,675.00 to assist those who suffered loss in Bastrop. We have forwarded these funds to our friends at the Austin Baptist Association. They are already at work providing assistance to families in need. These funds will enable families to purchase basic necessities, including toiletries, clothing, backpacks and school supplies, and other items they lost when their homes were destroyed.

Hard times, unexpected troubles, and unforeseen challenges can come at a moment’s notice. But, when they do, it’s great to know that Christ-followers are always so eager to help in practical ways — to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I have watched several news reports about churches that have mobilized to assist those who have suffered loss because of the wildfires around our State. Helping those in need is just one way that we can demonstrate God’s love to others. I am grateful to each and every member of the Kingsland family and others in our community who contributed to our Bastrop relief initiative. People in need will be blessed, encouraged, and refreshed as a result of our eagerness to help.

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