Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 1, 2011

When Life Seems Unfair

For some reason I thought about an old friend this morning that I have not seen in several years. When I lived in Houston in the 1990’s, my friend Sharon checked into the hospital for what she expected to be a routine surgery. In the course of her surgery she lapsed into a coma. While in a coma she experienced circulation problems and eventually developed an infection in one leg that resulted in amputation. She then suffered a heart attack and had open heart surgery. While still in a coma she developed gangrene in her remaining foot.

Over thirty days after she entered the hospital Sharon opened her eyes — thinking she had just come out of the anesthesia from that initial surgery. Imagine her surprise when she learned all that had happened to her while in a coma. What happened to Sharon seemed grossly unfair. Yet, she never complained nor did she blame God. Instead, she continued to place her hope in God, trusting Him to help her to adjust to the difficulties immediately ahead.

“That’s not fair!” is a phrase often invoked by children when they sense that the scales are not balanced in their favor. I must admit that I cried foul more than once while growing up in a household with four siblings. As adults, most of us have lamented that life is not fair. The next time the scales are not tipped in your favor and you feel like crying foul, keep these things in mind.

Perplexity — Accept that you will not fully understand the reasons why things happen as they do.

Perspective — Acknowledge that your perspective is limited and that God’s ways are higher than yours.

Pundits — Be prepared for the “experts” who will shower you with advice.

Perseverance — Maintain your hope in God even when you cannot see the road ahead.

Prayer — Stay in close contact with God and trust Him to guide you safely through.


  1. Excellent as always. Thanks so much.

  2. I needed this today. Thanks.

  3. You really hit ‘home’ with this one! I’ve never needed to hear this more than I do now.

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