Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 18, 2011

A Summer of Blessings

Packaging beans in zip lock bags.

Last night was our final Summer of Service initiative at Kingsland. Over the summer months we devoted five Wednesday evenings to equipping our partners with resources with which to serve the least of these and people in need in our community. Through these initiatives we supplied hundreds of bags of hope for the homeless, hundreds of bags of redemption for our justice ministry’s outreach to women in the commercial sex trade, backpacks filled with school supplies for inner city kids, and approximately 3,000 books for the Generation One library in the Third Ward. And last night we collected groceries and hygiene items to help supply the food pantries at Katy Christian Ministries and the Mission Centers of Houston. We had a great night as families worked side by side to prepare packages of rice, beans, sugar, and coffee for distribution by our partners. And, our families also provided hundreds of pounds of groceries and personal hygiene items that will be distributed to families in need in Katy and in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

Our purpose statement at Kingsland states that we are all about loving God, loving people, and equipping the next generation one home at a time. Our Summer of Service initiatives provided us with five opportunities to fulfill our purpose statement — and to equip the next generation in the process. What a blessing it has been to see grandparents, parents, and kids working shoulder to shoulder to bless the least fortunate in our community. Mike Kelley, our Senior Adult Pastor at Kingsland, sent me the following email that says it best.

Mary and I and our 11 year old granddaughter participated in last night’s Bags of Nourishment ministry to KCM and the Mission Centers of Houston. What an exciting time as we did service together with our granddaughter. And, I was thrilled to see families with children putting rice, sugar and beans into zip lock bags for distribution.  How exciting to serve God together as a family. But I kept thinking of the teaching value this was for the next generation as they participated with parents and grandparents in loving God by loving people. When Jon led us in prayer I held the hand of my granddaughter, and I felt she and I were so connected in our bond with Christ. It was awesome (that’s a next generation term). Thanks for providing us that opportunity to serve together.

Thanks to each and every one of you who participated in our Summer of Service initiatives. We will continue serving others throughout Katy and Houston in the coming months through our regular Saturday service initiatives. Look for these and other opportunities to build more memories of serving others with your children. These are lessons that will serve them well for a lifetime.


  1. Great title, Omar. Refreshing.

    • Thanks, Dacques. It was really great seeing so many of our folks invest in providing resources for several of our ministry partners in the community. We truly see ourselves as a part of a larger team that is working to grow the kingdom one life at a time in Katy and beyond.

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