Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 25, 2011

Willing to Lose Sleep

My phone is always on. I leave it on because several of our ministry partners on the other side of the planet send text or email messages about the time I am going to bed. And because I am a light sleeper, whenever a message arrives it’s easy for me to just reach for my phone and send an immediate reply. At 4:00 AM this morning my phone alerted me that a text message had arrived. It was from my friend and Kingsland member Neel Woods who is currently in Uganda. Before leaving for Uganda, our missions ministry supplied Neel with a portable Jesus Film kit. Jon Davis, our missions ministry associate,  assembled the kit for Neel. The kit contains a small video projector, a DVD player, solar batteries, a copy of the Jesus Film, and a white bed sheet to serve as a screen — all housed in a small 14 x 12 inch case.

Neel had made arrangements with a Ugandan pastor to show the Jesus Film in some villages. So, I was especially excited to read Neel’s text message that said, in part: “Hello O — showed Jesus Film tonight to about 120 and 15-20 responded despite many obstacles.” Now, that is the kind of news I love to read. And, because Neel will leave our Jesus Film kit with the Ugandan pastor, these folks who came to faith in Christ last night represent the first-fruits of a greater harvest to come. Advancements in technology are making it possible for the gospel to make greater strides toward those who live on the dry and ragged edge of existence — in the places that have little or no access to the gospel. And because we live in a connected world, we can receive news about what God is doing on the other side of the world in real time.

I once heard a missionary say that the first thing he was going to do in heaven was to ask Peter what it was like to preach on the day of Pentecost and see so many people from the nations come to faith in Christ. I think that what is more likely to happen is that Peter will ask us what it was like to live in a day when we had so many tools available to share the story of Jesus with the nations and to see a response like Pentecost every hour. We are indeed fortunate to have access to people who live in so many remote places and to be able to introduce them to the story of Jesus and to see them come to faith in Christ. I am always more than willing to lose sleep over this kind of news.


  1. This is really great news!
    Thanks for sharing!


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