Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 24, 2011

Global Glimpses

Who | Sarah Sallee

Where I’ve Traveled With Kingsland | Kolkata, India.

Why I Chose This Trip | I chose the trip to India to see what justice initiatives looked like internationally. For me, the goal in visiting India earlier this year was to observe the aftercare homes housing young girls rescued from the commercial sex trade and to hopefully implement their aftercare successes here in the states. After reaching out to young girls trapped in the commercial sex trade in our own community, I felt the international perspective would bring depth and deeper understanding of what aftercare homes could look like here in the states.

But, the aftercare homes didn’t quite look like I thought they would. The homes are a safe place and the girls protected, but there were so many girls that had been through more darkness in their short life than anyone should experience in a full lifetime – and they were working. It was difficult for me to conceptualize the drive that they had to for working in these homes based on the forced labor they came from. I am not sure what I expected, but it certainly was not a Hyatt Resort full of counselors nurturing these young ladies back to health. It was a community of young, playful girls learning to make products for purchase so that their aftercare home will continue to be financially supported.

In fact, I battled with the Lord for understanding that desire. I grieved for the girls and their youth tossed out the window. I cried out to the Lord on their behalf and how life could be different for them. Oh how I desired for them to have hope and a will for life beyond the wall of the aftercare home. How can we give them more internal and emotional healing? Well, as He does, the Lord gently corrected me. He reminded me of the song “God of This City” by Chris Tomlin. The chorus goes like this:

Greater things have yet to come
Greater things are still to be done in this city

I was humbled at the thought of things yet to come just as the song prompts. I was reminded that our God is in control. Our God is the light in the darkness. Our God is the hope to the hopeless and peace to the restless just as the song reiterates.

What I Will Remember Most | I will never forget how proud I was to be called “Auntie.” As we spent more time with the girls at the aftercare homes, they began to open up to us. We played games and laughed and enjoyed the time the Lord allowed us in fellowship together. As the end of the day when it was time to go, they didn’t want us to leave. They all gathered around and said “bye Auntie.” I have never been so proud to be called an Auntie.

Why Our Presence Was Important | Our presence is so important to these girls because we are a lasting relationship. By showing up to see the girls year after year, we are initiating hope in an otherwise bleak heart. Five, six, maybe seven years ago these aftercare homes didn’t even exist. It is early in the fight for justice against commercial sex trafficking but through constant and annual interaction in these homes and financial support in between, we won’t just be another person in and out of their life, we will be a Christ example and our visits will promote hope in their heart, a hope that may open their eyes to our Savior himself and into an even better eternal life with Him.

Why I Must Go Again | I must go again to shine His light in the fragile hearts of young girls once so oppressed. I want to be that person that says to that little girl “I love you and I will see you soon” and, to her unbelief, show up the next year and say “see, I told you so.” I want the Lord use me to initiate faith in their minds, belief in their souls and hope in their hearts by following though and showing up just like what was promised.

How You Can Make a Difference | Prayer and support. Pray for justice for these young girls and for the hearts of the men and women running the trade. They too need the Lord. Support Kingsland’s Justice Ministry by participating in the Just Run for a Just Cause. The 5k and 10k run, and 1 mile family walk September 17, 2011 will help raise awareness and support local and international justice initiatives. Register online and receive a t-shirt handmade by the girls in one of the aftercare homes we visited. And, visit the Kingsland Justice website to learn more about Kingsland’s justice initiatives.


  1. As someone who has felt lead to pray for the justice initiative and for these sweet children satan has plucked from family and a small piece of something certain and secure. Stories like this help’s to flame the fire of constant prayer to our God that is their only source of safety, protection, clothing, food, housing and the list goes on and on .Glory to God that as Sarah was reminded God is at work. He is doing great things for those innocent victimes in His way and in His time on their turf. And for those lost souls who are in this dark and evil business I pray God will change their hearts one by one and the bondage pasted down through history will forever be broken. With tears and hope to God be the glory! Amen and Amen Susan Alexander Tulsa Oklahoma.

  2. Well said, sister! What an amazing trip and hope for more!!

  3. Praise God for you and all who visit Kolkata. It really is the time the Lord is calling the folk of many nations to bless the folk of Kolkata. Together who knows what the Lord may do.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Rochelle and you and I used to talk in 2009 at the starbucks in downtown Downers Grove. You were a reliable mentor type to me and I’d like to re-connect and share with you the positive impact your love and care has had on my journey with Christ. Please e-mail me when you get a chance 🙂

    • Hi Rochelle…

      I will see if I have a current email for Sarah and forward your message to her.

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