Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 16, 2011

The Finish Line

My son Jonathan and his teammate Steve completed the 260-mile Texas Water Safari, the world’s toughest canoe race. After almost one-hundred hours of paddling from the starting point in San Marcos, they reached the finish line in the coastal community of Seadrift on Wednesday morning. It was a grueling challenge that required lots of training and preparation. They got an estimated three-hours of sleep along the way. My daughter Niki served as the team captain and met Jonathan and Steve at all of the check-points along the way as required by the race rules. She also had to do a lot of work to find these check-points along the river and to keep Jonathan and Steve supplied with water. She did an amazing job. On Wednesday, June 15, all of their preparation and teamwork paid off. Out of the 105 contestants, Jonathan and Steve were among the 89 that completed the race. Congratulation on a job well done.

Jonathan and Steve at the finish line of the 2011 Texas Water Safari.


  1. great accomplishment. i want to hear about it and i want to do it. way to go to the whole team!

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