Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 20, 2011

Global Glimpses

Who | Gina Metzler

Where I Have Served with Kingsland | I went to Houston’s 3rd ward for the first time with Kingsland’s 6th grade mission trip in the summer of 2009. Working alongside Generation One (“G1”), we played with and loved on many neighborhood children. The elementary-aged children just melted my heart! My work with the 3rd ward children continued when in January 2010 I started volunteering at Dodson Elementary (where the G1 children go to school). My work at Dodson is still ongoing today. I manage the Real Men Read Program, tutor students and assist teachers with their classroom needs.

How God Touched My Heart | I realized almost immediately the huge needs at Dodson — there were very few parent volunteers, almost no financial resources and very limited enrichment help for the many struggling students. The needs weighed heavy on my heart … I prayed about them often and looked for ways to fill the voids. God has provided for many of them through resources from G1 and Kingsland! And, only by the grace of God was I able to get 15 University of Houston education majors onto the Dodson campus from February to April to tutor students.

A Life-Changing Opportunity | About 3 months ago, Mike and Kenzie Malkemes, the founders of G1, approached my husband and me about an idea the Lord had placed on their heart – starting a private, Christian school in the 3rd ward. After many weeks of prayer, we decided to join Mike and Kenzie on the adventure God had them on – starting Generation One Academy or G1A. What a brilliant way to break the cycle of poverty by teaching these children about our Lord Jesus, providing them with an education geared around their needs, teaching them life skills, all the while involving their parent/guardian in the education process!

How You Can Help | We know that there is no way we can build G1A alone. We need the favor of our Lord and others to come alongside us on this journey. We are looking for assistance in four areas: prayer, monetary donations to fund G1A (made through Kingsland’s missions ministry), in-kind donations to support G1A (school supplies, books, snacks, furniture), and volunteers to be mentors and tutors. If you feel the Lord leading you to join us on this journey, please contact me at


  1. I am such a fan of yours, Gina! I thank and praise God for what He is doing in and through you. I pray that God, who is the owner of everything, will supply what you need.

  2. Gina: great, inspiring story! Thanks for being faithful, and for persevering. Who knew when we spoke about the obstacles you were experiencing at Dodson what God was already at work preparing to unfold, and what He would use you and Generation One to further unfold. I’m praying for you, and for those working and praying with you.

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