Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 14, 2010

Remember Us

South Asia | 13 July 2010 | Final Day

Kingsland’s missions ministry supports the work of three aftercare homes for young girls and women rescued from prostitution. One of these homes is located in Central America, another in Africa, and a third in South Asia. Doyle, our Executive Pastor is with a group of our students in Nicaragua. These students are working with the women who live at Casa Esperanza – the House of Hope. And, this past week, our students serving in South Asia have cared for the least of these in five of Mother Teresa’s homes, ministered to children attending a school still under construction in the slums, and cared for the girls who reside at the aftercare home we support. Yesterday, I visited the aftercare home with our Kingsland girls and was encouraged by the joy on the faces of our girls and the girls in residence. It was immediately obvious to me that our girls had made meaningful connections with the young ladies at the aftercare home.

This afternoon, our final day, our girls gave gifts to all of the staff at the home in appreciation for their faithful work. They also gave gift packages to each of the girls at the home. And, the girls at the home gave hand-made gifts to each of our girls. Afterward, the girls at the home presented a music and dance tribute. I was moved by two things. First, I was deeply touched by a choir of young girls singing “We Shall Overcome” in their naïve tongue and then in English. The song was especially meaningful because we know of the horrible things these girls have suffered. The second thing that touched my heart was a speech that one of the girls gave in English. I asked her for a copy of her speech and for permission to share it. Her words summarize how the love and kindness of our team touched the lives of each of the girls at the aftercare home. I offer her words here exactly as she wrote them and without additional comment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon to our respected teachers and friendly visitors.

It was very pleasure to us that we have spend long hours in these five days with our respected visitors. Girls were very happy to learn paintings, nestlets (?), different games, dance over with action. Some girls also learnt a lesson that we should believe in God and be happy in life what we get in life everyday. We enjoyed a lot having them with us.

Small children liked the bubbles, games mostly. Our children’s interaction with visitors played a great role to remove our loneliness in these buildings. We really learnt how to make relationships with our visitors. They are very friendly and cheerful to girls. We want that they remember us, and we will also never forget what we learnt from them. They explained gracefully that “children are little beautiful flowers” and we said that once more they spread the blossom of us. We learnt about the outside world in this small time.

They help a lot to forget many girls horrible past by playing many activities with girls. Girls were inspired by them thinking every girl has a valuable life. At first it was something very troublesome for many girls to understand their language, but when some people help in translating them, they feel really happy and strange. They cooperate with us soon as our own people. They seem like our friends by also sharing some of our Indian games with them such as kanamachi, kitkit, kabudi, etc. They also feel strange as some girls feel about their language.

It was a marvelous experience of [our] girls and further in our life it will help us a lot. By thanking our all respected teachers of [aftercare home] and our friendly visitors, I end my speech here.


  1. Many thanks for all you have shared over the last couple of weeks. It has been a great honour to share in what the Lord has shown you over the time in Kolkata.
    As the team has gone the extra mile many have been blessed and the Lord has worked in mighty power.
    Our prayer for the team is that they will always remember Kolkata througout their lifes and uphold the people in prayer.Also some will return for further (longer) periods of time.

    For Kingsland we thank God that you support the work in Kolkata and elsewhere in India. May he lead you greater things in the future.

    As for us you have inspired us to pray more and encourage others we know in Kolkata more often.

    In a weeks time we have the great joy of welcoming Dev Sarkar for a break in the UK who runs Hope Home for orphans in South Kolkata

    God Bless

    Paul and Sarah Beniston Brentwood Baptist Church UK

  2. I believe this young lady said it best. This is why the Kingsland Student Ministry works hard all year and finishes each school year (growth period) with a mission trip at each level so that Young Men & Women can grow to serve God at all levels with His help.

    Kingsland Student Ministry you are blessings not only to our Church, Community, your individual schools/colleges as well as to your family & friends.

    We love you.

  3. “Girls were inspired by them thinking every girl has a valuable life.”

    We are each blessed in knowing that God values us and that he delights over us. I pray these girls at the aftercare home will know that what they saw in our girls was the result of a loving God that values them even more than we could ever show.

    Praise God for everyone involved in and committed to not only restoring these girls lives, but for teaching them God’s promises. His evidence is never surprising, but is always amazing!

    See you soon,

  4. Omar,
    I am so glad that you have chosen a life which allows your compassion to stream out of your personality to the destitute of the world.

    It always touches me that you have such great concern for little girls and the filth and degradation they endure when they are trafficked into what is a crime of exploitation against the poorest of the poor in the countries you visit. Things like this make me wonder if there is a loving God. But then, I remember that there is a “Omar Garcia”. Reaching into the darkness is what you do best.

    God Bless and Keep You,

    Tammy Swofford

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