Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 12, 2010

I Am Nothing

Undisclosed Location | South Asia | 11 July 2010

In his classic work, The Divine Comedy, Dante assigned the lowest section of hell to those who betray others. I believe that sex traffickers and those who oppress the innocent are the worst of deceivers and betrayers. Most of the girls who reside at the aftercare home we support were lured away from their impoverished families by deceivers. Promised that they would be taken to do honest work that would enable them to help support their families, these girls left their homes filled with altruistic hopes. That’s when the nightmare begins for the victims of sex trafficking. In most cases, their abductors take their young victims to a private residence where they repeatedly rape them. From that point on the girls begin their descent into the horrible and dark abyss of abuse in brothels

When we were here in January, Amy, my assistant, met a fourteen year-old girl who lives at the aftercare home that Kingsland supports. Amy soothed this young girl’s hurting heart with the balm of encouragement and assured her that God loves her no matter what. This young girl told Amy, “I am nothing.” She no longer believes in any of the Hindu gods of her childhood. And, she no longer believes that she is of value to anyone. But, all of that changed today. When Leah, one of our students, went to bed last night, she prayed that God would use her to share the story of His love. God answered Leah’s prayer this afternoon. An unexpected rain-storm trapped Leah, one of our translators, and Amy’s friend under an awning. While waiting for the rain to subside, Leah explained the story of God’s love to Amy’s friend. As a result, this young lady placed her faith in Jesus. After the rain stopped, Leah and the young girl went to tell Amy what had happened. When the girl saw Amy she smiled and said, “Today is very important.” Indeed, today is very important.

The Gospel is good news to those who feel that they are nothing. Through His life and work, Jesus affirmed the worth of others. He demonstrated that there are no insignificant people by paying a very significant price for our redemption. As a young Christian, I heard an old revival preacher share a story about a conversation between a Christian and a Communist. Seeing a man in ragged clothing, the Communist turned to the Christian and boasted, ”Communism can put a new suit on that man.” The Christian smiled and respectfully replied, “Yes, but only Christ can put a new man in that suit.” Jesus makes all things new. And today, a young girl became new. Jesus restored the dignity that her oppressors took from her. While she can never go back and make a new start, she can start today to make a new ending. Never again will she be able to say, “I am nothing.” Never again!


  1. Many thanks for update.

    Thank God for the way Kingsland supports rescue centres for girls tricked or sold into sex “industry”. How amazing The Lord brings them into His Kingdom.Those who the world scorns for such is the kingdom.

    Someone I have first known in Kolkata but now based in Delhi called Satynandan has prayed long and hard for release of the captives from the evils of the sex “industry”. He is a mighty prayer warrior the like of which I have rarely meet.

    Bless you and the team as you reach out for the King of Glory the Great I AM.

    Paul & Sarah Beniston

  2. Yesterday (Sunday) Pastor Brian Stone spoke on the book of Nehemiah. His message: Fight for others!! (Neh 4:14) Nehemiah was intentional about fighting for holiness, justice (even human trafficking in 5:5), the poor and carrying out the mission God had given him (re-building the wall of Jerusalem). He faced much opposition, fears, failings and frustration. But he was a fighter.

    That is my prayer for your team… that you would be fighters like Nehemiah. Evidence of that is already shining through. Keep up the good fight!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you – for the opportunity yo uare giving our students to not only see the world, but open their eyes to the possibilities that exist to share God with the world. I am confident that they will return with a re-newed sence of God’s calling on their lives – that they can not only make a difference in India- but they can also make a difference at home. I pray for their safety- I pray that they wil lput on the armor of Christ, and contine to be “God with skin on” for the people they encounter. God bless you all!

  4. Thank you Father for a church and its vision to take Jesus to the world. Thank you for Omar and his faithfulness to your work. Thank you for chaperones willing to lay down their lives to allow young people to truly see our world and the need. Thank you for your Holy Spirit who does such a mighty work if we will only allow him to. Thank you for workers in the field who give of themselves everyday without acknowledgement or praise.

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