Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 24, 2010

You’ve Been Served

Every summer, Kingsland students participate in “You’ve Been Served” local missions initiatives. In addition to summer camp and age-graded mission trips that our students participate in from Katy to Kolkata, we provide opportunities for our students to serve the people of our community. We do this because we are committed to “equipping the generations, one home at a time.” One way in which we equip the generations is by leading our children and students to love and serve others without conditions. In these difficult times when we hear so many stories of people who are committed to hate, violence, and destruction, we are teaching our students the value of loving and serving others. Something good happens when you put tools in the hands of students and teach them to build or to improve something. As my dear friend Paul Haas likes to say — when we work our muscles by serving others, God builds our hearts and teaches us to love others.

This morning, a small army of our Junior High School students served at the Katy Christian Ministries community garden. This community garden was the brain-child of Kingsland member Caprice Fortenberry. Last year, our missions ministry provided the funds to build this cross-shaped garden with its raised beds. Hundreds of Kingsland volunteers worked hard to make the garden a reality. Today, volunteers from churches throughout our community help to harvest hundreds of pounds of organic vegetables every week. This fresh produce is given to those in need through the Katy Christian Ministries food pantry. It’s a beautiful thing to see how God has used this garden to bless both the volunteers and the recipients of the fresh vegetables grown and harvested there.

Today our students helped Kingsland volunteer Charlie Matcek harvest 35-pounds of peppers. Charlie works at the garden every week and absolutely loves it. Our students also did some maintenance work on the paths that surround the beds by spreading and compacting ten yards of crushed granite and pulling weeds. Our kids worked hard. And, they had fun while working. They smiled and laughed as they shoveled and hauled wheelbarrows laden with crushed granite under overcast highs and high humidity. They never slowed down! I’m proud of our students and their service to our community today. It will be exciting to see how God continues to use these young boys and girls as they continue to grow up in an environment where they are taught to love and serve others and to work to improve our community. Next week our High School students will serve Bhutanese refugees who live in Houston. I am confident that God will continue to build the hearts of our students as they continue to work their muscles by serving others.


  1. Awesome! Its looks very nice to me! Its so good that, you all cleaning up things. So great!


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