Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 9, 2010

Caring for Katy 2010

On Sunday, March 7, Kingsland Baptist Church closed its doors — not forever, just for the day. Instead of meeting for church, we sent almost 2,000 of our members into our community to be the church. Our folks engaged in fifty-eight service initiatives that touched the lives of many people and charitable organizations in need. This was our third annual Caring for Katy day. I had the wonderful privilege of visiting several of our groups and meeting many of the beneficiaries of our acts of kindness. Here is my list of the top ten cool things about Caring for Katy.

10. We worked together. | We engaged in and completed fifty-eight service initiatives on Sunday. That’s more work than one person can possibly do in a single day. However, by working together, we addressed multiple needs and touched many lives throughout our community.

9. We got our hands dirty. | In order to meet needs throughout our community, we had to leave the church building. We became the hands and feet of Jesus throughout Katy. Adults and children used their hands to plant flowers, pick up garbage, spread mulch, work on homes, and do a multitude of other tasks — including hugging lots of grateful recipients of our acts of kindness.

8. We lived our purpose. | Kingsland’s purpose is to love God, love people, and equip the generations. That’s exactly what we did this past Sunday. We demonstrated God’s love to the people of our community in tangible and practical ways and also invested in our kids by setting an example of selfless service. That’s the kind of thing that will touch the future as our kids grow up to be adults and parents who love God, love people, and equip the generations.

7. We built community. | We encourage every member of Kingsland to be a part of a small group and we work really hard to build community. This past Sunday we built community while serving the people of our community. Those who normally sit together in Bible study and worship worked shoulder to shoulder to care for those in need. Caring for Katy strengthened the bonds between those who are members of our small groups.

6. We encouraged our kids. | One of the best things about Caring for Katy is that it allows parents and kids to work together. This past Sunday our families made special memories as they served others. Our kids learned that loving and serving others is important and must be a part of who we are as followers of Christ. Serving others is a great way to raise kids that are less self-absorbed and more mindful of those around them.

5. We met practical needs. | Many people in our community are suffering because they have lost their jobs, are battling illness, or have suffered other unexpected setbacks. Our practical acts of kindness reminded many people that they matter to God and are not forgotten. Our small groups did a great job of talking to people in need and arranging to meet those needs. For those we helped, Caring for Katy is the closest thing to Ty Pennington hopping off a bus with his Extreme Makeover crew that they will ever experience. Their gratitude expressed through smiles, hugs, and tears are the very best Hallmark cards we could ever hope to receive.

4. We inspired people. | I received a phone call yesterday from an elderly lady who lives in one of Katy’s assisted living communities. She called to thank us for the small group that visited with her and other residents and provided lunch for everyone in the complex. She said that in all of her years she had never known of a church to close its doors on a Sunday in order to care for the people of their community. “I am proud of the people of Kingsland,” she said, “and I am going to tell everybody about how your kindness touched me.”

3. We caused others to think about God. | One of the coolest things that happened at many of our work sites was the curiosity of neighbors. Many neighbors approached our folks to ask what they were doing and why. This gave us an opportunity to talk about what it means to love God and love people. Many who never attend any church on Sunday saw a living sermon in their own neighborhoods. And, that’s a good thing.

2. We will continue to help people. | Our folks made some very meaningful connections with others in our community. Many of our small groups will continue to serve the people they assisted on Sunday throughout the coming year. They will continue to care for widows and single moms and others who have ongoing needs. They will continue to be Jesus with skin on and to do for others what Jesus would do.

1. God was glorified. | The very best thing about Caring for Katy is that God was glorified. Jesus said, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). The common response from those who saw as well as those who benefited from our many good works was the same — “Thank God” or “God is good” or “Praise the Lord.” Our desire is to continue to glorify His name as we care for the people of our community through unconditional acts of love and kindness.

• • • • •

PS | Special thanks to Jon Davis, our Missions Ministry Associate, for serving as the point man for this year’s Caring for Katy day. Great job of coordinating a million details, Jon.


  1. Our family is still on our C4K high! Such an amazing day in the life of our church, our ABF, and our family. Not only did we serve but we had FUN! Thanks Jon for all your hard work!

    We are already looking forward to 2011 C4K!

  2. I am a member of Kingsland and a recipient of C4K. My husband of 33yrs passed away suddenly last March 7. I have been so honored and blessed by my ABF group, Christian Fellowship Class. One of the members who had already done some repairs on my home, suggested that a group come paint the outside the house on C4K day. I was extreamly apprecitive but when I saw the date (March 7)my first thought was “Oh, I really don’t want to be around anyone maybe it won’t get the OK”. Well it did and they came. Instead of a day filled with greiving my spirit was lifted and filled with gratitude. Not only did they come out in force then, but spent the two previous weeks sitting with me in the hospital,taking care of my granddaughter, and bringing food, while my 33yr old son was in ICU. Today his neurosurgeon says he is a “medical” miracle. He has never seen anyone leave the hospital alive in the condition he was admitted for! Your blessings have been a reminder to my family and friends who don’t live close by, that God always provides “family” no matter where we live.
    With deep Gratitude
    Sarah Stone and family

  3. Omar,
    I remember the first time you posted something about this event, possibly when you had the earlier website. It is a wonderful tradition and a great way to instill volunteerism in the young adults.

    Continue to do good!


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