Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 6, 2010

Off to El Salvador

   El Salvador is a tiny Central American country roughly the size of New Jersey. Tightly wedged against the Pacific Ocean by neighboring Guatemala and Honduras, it is the only country in Central America with no Atlantic Coast. Pedro de Alvarado brought the region under the Spanish flag in 1525 and named it El Salvador or “The Savior.” El Salvador remained under Spanish control until 1821 when it declared its independence from Spain. It is a beautiful country with over twenty-five volcanoes, rainforests, and breathtaking coasts. And, the Salvadorans are reputedly among the most hospitable and loving people in the world.

   I will travel to El Salvador on Sunday with my friend Jim Coleman and a team from Living Water International. Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst. Living Water has had a presence in El Salvador since 1998. According to some optimistic estimates, only 59 percent of El Salvador’s population has access to safe drinking water. That number is much lower in rural areas where Living Water is working. Agua Viva El Salvador (Living Water El Salvador) has blessed nearly 300 communities with wells. Many more wells are needed in rural areas where people have little or no access to clean water.

   We are blessed to have access to unlimited clean water in our own homes. And, we want for others to enjoy the blessing of clean and safe drinking water. That’s why Kingsland’s missions ministry is underwriting the cost of two wells in El Salvador this year. And, in addition to these wells, we are working with another of our ministry partners to drill four wells in Bangladesh. I’m grateful to the Kingsland family for providing the funds to drill wells for the people of El Salvador and Bangladesh. The drilling of these wells will open doors for our partners in these countries to share the message of Jesus Christ, the living water. Please pray for our team as we give the gift of clean water to the people of El Salvador.

• • • • •

PS | Kingsland members Frank Bondurant and Robert Ellis returned earlier today from El Salvador where they served on a Living Water Drill team. Last month, David Welch and Gary Achenbach served on a Living Water team in Haiti. Thanks guys, for giving the gift of clean water to so many people. Photo above courtesy of Frank Bondurant.

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