Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | October 1, 2009

A Global Village

There are 6.7 billion people on the planet. Here is a snapshot of what the world would look like if we reduced the world’s population into a single global village.

Out of 100 people:

  • 60 would be Asian
  • 14 would be African
  • 12 would be European
  • 8 would be Latin American
  • 5 would be American or Canadian
  • 1 would be from the South Pacific

  • 51 would be male
  • 49 would be female

  • 82 would be non-white
  • 18 would be white

  • 67 would be non-Christian
  • 33 would be Christian

Conclusion: We live in a world that is non-American, non-white, and non-Christian. Here are a few suggestions for making meaningful connections with others in our global village. 

Look Carefully | Ask God to enlarge your view of our global village.

Engage Intentionally | Take advantage of opportunities to develop friendships with people who are not like you.

Pray Fervently | Pray that God’s name would be made known among the nations — and then, make His name known.

Think Deeply | Learn about the challenges (spiritual, political, economic, etc.) faced by others who live in our global village.

Act Purposefully | Act in such a way that others in our global village may know the reality of God’s love for them.

Give Liberally | Invest in initiatives that will bless the least fortunate who live in our global village.


  1. Pastor Omar, I really enjoy your writing and perspective. Thanks for being a motivator and educator. I have linked your site to mine as I have many missionary friends who visit me often and I know they will be inspired by your work.
    Tonya LaTorre

  2. Tonya…

    Thanks so much. I’m glad that you will travel to Uganda with our team this next week. I know that God has many great things in store for us as we serve Him there.


  3. Omar,
    I do believe the USA is representative of the global village of which you write. Last week, my spouse and I shared dinner with a Muslim family. Our fast food dinner tonight was served across the counter by a Hispanic woman and all the cooks behind the counter were speaking Spanish. Our neighborhood of single family dwellings is primarily “white” but there is one black family and also a Vietnamese family.

    With transportation and technology, the global village now belongs to us! smile


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