Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 7, 2009

One More Day with You

Clinton Close-up   On June 7, 2008, our family suffered the loss of my two-year old nephew. In the space of just a minute, Clinton Ryan innocently wandered off and accidentally drowned in a pond. I performed Clinton Ryan’s funeral service a few days later. In the midst of unimaginable pain, my niece Reecie and her family made the decision to donate Clinton’s organs so that others could be blessed. And, in the days following his death, Reecie wrote the poem posted below. After my Mom’s death, a friend sent me a card that said, “Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.” Memories are precious. I have discovered that writing about those memories is one important part of the grieving process. Below is the poem Reecie wrote, a poem filled with a mother’s memories and unfulfilled hopes for her baby boy.

If I Had Just One More Day with You!
by Reecie Miller

I remember watching you sleep at night,
praying the angels would guard you tight.
I hoped and dreamed for your life to be
filled with more than my eyes could see.

I had no idea
that we had few moments to share,
that you would leave my arms
and return to God’s care!

How my heart aches
to hold you once more,
to hear you say, “Mama”
and watch you run to the door.

If God would grant me
just one more day with you,
these are the things
I would want us to do!

I would gently wake you up
and run my fingers through your hair,
whispering, “good morning, handsome!
Mommy’s right here!”

We would play peek-a-boo
with the sheets,
then I’d kiss you all over
and pinch your sweet cheeks!

We’d go swimming in the pool,
like we always would do,
but today we’d stay a little longer—
a little longer than we should!

I would let you run through the house naked,
and I would laugh while you ran,
then I would pick you back up
and want to do it all again!

Life is too short
to worry about all the small things.
Time is way more precious—
more precious than it seems!

As our day would draw closer
to the very end,
I would beg God for an extension
to do it all over again!

I would remind you how much you are loved,
and that Heaven is not really that far,
that forever you will live
and be in my heart!

We would stand outside
and pick your very own star—
the star that will guide me,
when my life seems lonely and hard!

I’d kiss you one more time,
before having to let go,
and sing to you softly
as we waited for the Lord.

When the time would come,
and God would hold out his hand,
I would lovingly give you
right back to Him.

You were always His,
just mine for a while,
forever etched
is your precious smile!

I know that we cannot
negotiate for more time,
but two years wasn’t enough
for you to be mine.

Are you up there in heaven,
sitting on Jesus’ knee?
Are you peeking through the clouds,
watching over me?

Do you see me when I’m smiling?
Do you watch me wipe my tears?
Do you know how much
I still wish you were here?

Know that I Love You!
I will see you again, soon!
My work here on earth
is not quite through!

I promise to make you proud!
Your legacy will live on!
See you soon, handsome.
Love forever, Mom.

• • • • •

PS| Please read Clinton’s Eyes — the top read post on my blog — to read the letter Reecie wrote to the recipient of Clinton’s eyes.


  1. Oh Reecie, it’s more beautiful than I first thought.
    As much as you wrote this for Clint and yourself it’s going to help a lot of people!
    I love you and I’ll be thinking and praying for you all day.

    Great post Dad.


  2. Reeeci Miller, wrote great words, for little “Clinton Ryan”. Who has gone to the Lord, a year ago! Great looking, small boy. He is not with us, phcisycaly today. He is in our hearts, with loves! Also, he is watching you and me, and all the human people, from the heaven!

    I have not seen him, phcisycaly, from Bangladesh. But, is it looks like to me that, I know him his whole life! (2 years).

    Our destinations are there, where Clinton is today!


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