Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 6, 2009

Clean Stories

Reports of our Caring for Katy Day continue to come in via e-mail. The One Spirit Adult Bible Fellowship stationed themselves at Laundromats in Katy. They paid for the laundry costs for everyone who walked in to do their laundry and also provided soap and dryer sheets for these patrons. Here is what they experienced as they cared for Katy on Sunday, March 1, 2009.

Tabitha Williams | Served with the group at the Laundromat at Franz and Avenue D. Tabitha reported…

The one thing that touched me was this lady and her husband who walked in. They were bringing laundry that you pay by the pound to have washed. She brought in several piles to the guy and he weighed it. I happened to be standing there and I asked the guy to tell me how much it cost because I decided we’d pay for it. She heard me and was so grateful. She said, “Thank You Jesus.” It was really cool.

She said that she was there because she has been taking care of her mother who is blind and has diabetes. She comes in once a month to bring all her laundry. She asked me what church we went to that was doing this and I told her Kingsland Baptist Church and told her where it was. She had heard of it said she would take an offering or something to the church and she wrote my name down. However, I felt lead to do this — all I told her was to just go bless someone else sometime when she got the chance. She said she would most definitely do that.

She and her husband thanked us very much as they left. I just thought that was really neat because by us being there today, we had such an impact on her and then that will impact her mother and most likely someone else. God is so cool how He works! The other thing I thought that was cool was how people would come up to us and give us their quarters that they were going to use. So we were able to bless others with it.

Luty Luna | Served with the group at the Laundromat at Pin Oak. Luty reported…

It was a great joy for me to see the happiness on their faces for the help that we provided. It was very hard to listen to their stories and hardships that they are facing here in a foreign country just to provide for their families. What matters most was that they were open to listen to God’s Word. We had planted the seed. God will do the rest.

Terri Sukey | Served with the group at the Laundromat at Fry and Franz. Terri reported…

The manager at the Fry Road Washateria was so touched and grateful for our volunteers. He suggested that we branch out to an additional location in Katy on Franz at Avenue D, which we did, where the people were “even more needy” than his customers. The customers at the Washateria were reluctant when we initially approached them. Once they understood our intentions the reluctances turned to appreciation. The looks on their faces when they realized what we were doing was one of amazement and joy. Some had tears in their eyes. One family of 5 gave hugs to all of the volunteers and thanked everyone as they left.

Food is a great barrier breaker. We passed out drinks, donuts and kolaches. We had candy bags with Bible verses that we passed out to the kids. These small gestures provided an opportunity for many conversations.

The energy and enthusiasm generated in our group was evident when we teamed up for lunch. The excitement was intoxicating. I believe that God is working in the hearts and lives of our group. I praise God for weaving His love throughout our group and bringing together a wonderful family of friends.

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Note | Read more about our second annual Caring for Katy initiative.

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