Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 2, 2009

Caring for Katy 2009

Katy, Texas is a wonderful place to live. And, Kingsland Baptist is a wonderful church in which to serve. On Sunday, March 1, Kingsland members did not go to church — they were the church. For the second time, we closed our doors on a Sunday morning and sent our members into the community to be Jesus with skin on. Our Caring for Katy Day is more than an annual event. It is an extension of who we are as followers of Christ. We love God and love people. Last year more than 3,700 Kingsland members served others through our weekly service initiatives and our first Caring for Katy Day. And this year, although the weather was cold on March 1, Kingsland members warmed the hearts of people in need throughout our community.

C = Compassion | Caring for Katy is a day of compassion. Many of the day’s service initiatives touched the lives of people who are suffering and in need and also blessed local ministries that help people in need. On Sunday, the winds of hope refreshed widows, single mothers, families in financial crisis, senior adults in nursing homes, and many others in our community. We received an e-mail this past Friday that said, in part, “My friend (widow and single parent) just called me to let me know that a group from Kingsland will be restoring/painting her home on Sunday. She does not belong to our church but is overwhelmed with joy and in awe that someone would help her on this project without a charge. She is most grateful and appreciative for the help indeed!” This is just one example of how our compassionate acts of service are touching the lives of people in our community.

A = Awareness | People in need can easily hide in plain sight, often in our peripheral vision where we do not intentionally focus our attention. Most people are so intent on getting from Point A to Point B that they overlook those in desperate need. Our weekly service initiatives and Caring for Katy Day have helped us to sharpen our vision and awareness of people in need. Sunday’s initiatives touched the lives of many. My heart was warmed as I watched Kingsland volunteers serving breakfast to the day laborers who gather on street corners, waiting for work to survive another day. Life is tough for these guys and their families. And, I smiled all day as I visited our various work sites and talked with the beneficiaries of our service. “You have no idea what this means to me,” was a common theme.

R = Responsibility | Our Caring for Katy Day works because of those who accept responsibility for leading and mobilizing their small groups to care for the people of our community. Our small group leaders met with their teams to pray, plan, purchase supplies, and put their service initiatives into action. I am thankful for Jon Davis (Missions Ministry Associate) and Amy Granger (Missions Ministry Assistant) for tirelessly and cheerfully helping our small groups to prepare for Caring for Katy. And, I am especially thankful that the people of Kingsland understand that the people of our community are our responsibility. God has placed us in this community to do more than go to church. He wants us to be the church.

I = Investment | Kingsland invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours in order to bless our community through fifty-one unconditional acts of love and kindness. Approximately two-thousand Kingsland volunteers touched the lives of people throughout Katy. E-mails expressing gratitude from those who served and from those we served started arriving on Sunday afternoon. The investment of time, money, and labor will continue to yield returns for a long time to come.

N = Nurture | Our ongoing weekend initiatives and Caring for Katy Day give us a wonderful opportunity to nurture our children. Equipping the generations is a high priority at Kingsland. One way in which we equip the next generation is by involving children in our service initiatives. Our preschool children assembled soup packets for the poor and our older children served alongside their parents. Our children are learning the importance of serving others and are experiencing the joy of doing so. Our service initiatives and Caring for Katy also give us an opportunity to nurture relationships with those in our small groups. The fellowship on Sunday was fantastic.

G = Glory | Ultimately, our ongoing weekend initiatives and our Caring for Katy Day is about bringing glory to God. Jesus said, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). Our practical acts of kindness reminded many people throughout our community that they matter to God and are not forgotten. The common response from those who saw as well as those who benefited from our many good works was the same — “Thank God” or “God is good” or “Praise the Lord.” Our desire is to continue to make His name famous as we sign His name throughout our community using the ink of love and kindness.

• • • • •

Note | Read some Clean Stories from our Caring for Katy Day.


  1. Tom and I had fun being “the church” off campus. Working alongside people we did not know before gave us opportunities to connect with them that we would never had otherwise. To whom much is given, much is expected.

  2. I have been reading your post “Caring for Katy”

    Wonder full outreach works!!! Your people shared loves of Jesus, told the people of Katy, about savior Jesus Christ. That is one those most important things of the Kingdome of God!

    Now people will take decisions, what they should do? Their will follow Jesus, or stay without Him. Living without Jesus, is it so dangerous. Those are not in boat of Noah, they much be die, (Genesis 7:23) same way, those will be out side of Jesus they will be dies for ever.

    If Lord comes today & ask a question to people of Katy, they have good answer! They will say, ”Lord yesterday we went them and warn them about you” Lord watching you & I and He knew me, much better than I know my self. If my attitudes are well to witnessing to the people, He will give me an opportunity also.

    Your people done a great job, which God expects to all believers!

    Thanks for posts.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  3. Omar, what a wonderful idea! It gives feet to the scripture:

    “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 25:34-40)

    God must be so pleased!

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