Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 8, 2008

Move Toward the Edge

Missions is about movement — movement from the center to the edge, from comfort to inconvenience, and from safety to risk.

Imagine a new and different map of the world, one with a series of concentric circles with peoples and nations organized according to their access to the gospel. On such a map you and I would occupy the gospel-saturated center.

Peoples with less access to the gospel would occupy the concentric circles radiating away from the center. On the very edge of that map you would find the Jebala people of North Africa, the Bungu and Sukuma tribes of Tanzania, Sufi Muslims of Bangladesh, the Mongols of Outer Mongolia, the Kurds of northern Iraq, Muslims in Kashmir, the Kui people of India, and even the unborn in Uganda. These are among the world’s least reached people groups we have adopted and to whom we are committed to taking the gospel.

Our Missions Ministry is committed to moving from the center to the edge — from the comforts of our own community to the inconveniences of faraway places.

We are committed to going beyond the geographical and cultural boundaries that often keep people apart.

We are committed to taking the gospel to those who are kept in darkness by hostile cultures and governments.

We are committed to strategic partnerships with others who seek to reach and rescue those living in the outermost circles.

We are committed to bold and risky initiatives that will mean the difference between life and death for those living on the ragged edge.

Movement toward the edge, however, will not happen unless we truly love God and love people. That’s what we’re about at Kingsland. We go beyond because we love God and love people.

Thanks for your faithful support of our missions ministry. Let’s continue to move toward the ragged edge in anticipation of the day the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.

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